I am rolling out the glittery red carpet in welcome....

Howdy! My name is Erika Rodriguez and I founded Big Girl Dreams & My Purpose My World after a gut-wrenching loss of a year-long project that reminded me that this is what I want to do more than any other job.

Even though it seems incredibly hard with horrible timing, I knew I had to try. I want to show my kids that it is important to work hard, dream big, and believe that with God all things are possible.

Big Girl Dreams: My Purpose My World is the community for women to come to share their hopes, dreams, and fears in a safe place. This is the place where we can talk about using our purpose to change our world; even if that world is only in our home. This is where we acknowledge that as little girls we had big girl dreams that we need to give a chance.

Living with purpose does not mean having to live big. Living with purpose means to live with faith that your dreams are possible, that hard stones can be shattered, and that in the end all we want is to have mattered. Every one of us has a story. And every story needs to be told. Tell your story. In your style. With all the bumps, bruises, joys, triumphs, and exclamations you need.

I am 38, a mom of two little ones, a wife of one big-hearted man, a believer in Christ, and a motivational speaker and writer. I am a former behavior specialist and special education teacher; I earned my stripes working with adolescents that others described as gang members, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, mentally ill, and just seemingly bad. It was a calling. I say that my second life purpose has been extended to women. Where I hope we can eat chocolate together.

You are welcome as I roll out the glittery red carpet in invitation to join Big Girl Dreams and spark your purpose and shine.

So, why Big Girl Dreams?

We all have a dream. We all have a purpose. There are times when life can distract us from those but this is the place to be reminded that life is worth celebrating -- even when you want to cry out in surrender. 

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pasqueflower said...

Love your new concept!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm so impressed with the look of this place Erika. Not to mention the concept! You go!!!

storybeader said...

love your drive to help women, this time around. Have fun and be fruitful! {:-D