Goals for Summer 2013

I like to make goals. I also live by checklists and tend to have sticky notes and notebooks all over the place to cover my addiction to lists.

The lists can consume you but that is another post.

Back to goals. My husband and I created a few goals for 2013. I will share my goals for summer 2013.

*Clean out the craft room. Donate, sell, trash, get rid off. Enough is enough. If I have not used it then it has to go and disappear by the beginning of August end of July. I have already given away an embroidery machine (used 10 times in three/four years) and a sizzix bigshot with cartridges.

*Clean out the garage. Work on what needs to be sold in a local shop and remove the surplus. Most of what I have was given to me which for some reason makes it harder to get rid of than what I bought. That has to be some sort of sickness.

*Add a new product to my etsy shop. This means taking photos and creating the listings which I don't like to do but really? I think this can be managed.

*Continue to work on my weight loss. My five year old thinks that because I have gray hair it means I am about to go to heaven. Nothing like that kind of crying statement to make you realize that being overweight/fat is not healthy. I have lost 10 pounds. One of my doctors told me to get to a point where I was my healthiest and the weight can be easily maintained. Uhmmmm. Maybe another 10 pounds?

*Turn my money into investments. I looked back at what I made last year from my etsy shops and realized that most of that money was spent on more craft things (not related to the shops and which I am not getting rid of) and picking up junk food with the kids after school. I will be putting aside more money into savings so I can buy what I need to update the house and for a family vacation this fall.

*Continue to work with the women's ministry at church. It weighs so heavily on my heart that we don't see that many young women engaging in fellowship opportunities or giving back. It is so easy to just show up for a church service, leave, and then not make choices to be fully engaged in a faith FULL life. I will be facilitating a women's summer book club with a group of great women and pray that I stay out of the way and let God do His thing.

I could probably keep on going but don't want to be nitpicky. I have a lot to work on.

QUESTION: What are some of your goals for the summer?

Perils for Cats

A former feral kitty wisely chose to adopt us. The adventures of Harry Potter leads me to blog on a few dangers that cats face, namely rabies and pesticide.

In our neck of the woods there has been an outbreak of rabies -- in cats. The vet told me yesterday that as well intentioned as people are to feed ferals, when we leave out the food, we then invite wild animals like raccoons, skunks, and coyotes to come around. And spread rabies to our pets.

So, if you feed your pets outside or you feed ferals then keep an eye on the food/water and bring the bowls in (especially at night).

Unfortunately, for one stray on our street, she found out what happens when people spray insecticide or herbicide around the house. The cat was poisoned and actually exhibited rabies-like symptoms when a neighbor took her in. There is a warning label on these products you purchase from the store but be mindful even if you hire a company to come out. The dangers to pets actually apply to children as well.

Harry Potter is an outside cat and was bitten by another cat and had a really nasty wound on his tail. I knew he had his vaccinations but I was still worried. I took him to get checked, get antibiotics, and get his vaccinations updated. He is fine and back to his super loving, super crazy self.

QUESTIONS: Have your pets had their vaccinations lately?

Lemonade Stand Treasury

It was great to see one of my Little Andalucia patterns in this beautiful treasury by Sarah Beth of Magnolia Surprise. The pinks and yellows are soft, pretty, and perfect for these sunny days.The kids are asking us to take them to the beach and these colors make me forget about the soon to be 100+ degrees we will soon be experiencing.

QUESTION: What are you doing to relax this summer?

Disturbing Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a former "feral" that adopted our family. Never mind the fact that I am allergic to cats; he decided that our house was his house.

And he runs inside every chance he gets. And makes himself at home. On my daughter's blanket I made for her a couple of years ago. In my house.

Yes, Harry, I am taking pictures of you while you slumber. And being cute does not change the fact that you are on the sofa and on a blanket.

Are you talking to me?

Maybe if I stretch I can shut that thing off.

Umpf. Just one example of a conversation between Harry Potter and me. One guess as to who normally wins.

QUESTION: How do your conversations go with your furry friends?

A Time for Renewal

The BBA's Monthly Challenge for April is to create something that signifies renewal. As we have just celebrated Easter I decided to focus on what renewal means to me right now. I took an old cabinet door and repurposed it to carry a message which reminds me of renewal.
Renewal is to be made new or fresh. There can be a time of renewal after a time of upheaval or unpleasantness.

I think of the spring bulbs growing outside our window--they lie dormant for a year, when the conditions are right they burst forth with vigor and beauty, and then they seem to wither and die.

Only they are preparing for the coming Texas heat and winter to burst forth once more next Spring.


When I think I can't do it alone or I don't deserve it then I am reminded that I am worthy of so much more. That I am worthy of the growth that comes after a dark spell. I am reminded that I am not alone.

And I am grateful for the time of renewal.

Thanks to Splendid Little Stars for creating this great challenge!

Transform It: Thrift Store Chair

I like a savings and a challenge and this Transform It was a challenge. I took a thrift store chair covered in what looked like bad red burlap into something less office looking.

I have never recovered a chair where it involved the back of the chair. I have recovered dining room seats which is definitely not the same thing as what I learned with this project. Which was the point. I wanted to walk away having learned a thing or two -- more than how to not get my finger scratched by sharp staples.

BEFORE--not sure why my picture wants to be sideways but whatever
Learning along the way....

After removing the fabric, I sanded and painted the wood. I then distressed it (to my parents dismay) and then used a printed cotton to cover the back and cushion. I added a fun black trim just because I liked it:)

I added the chair to the booth and it has already sold!

QUESTION: What new technique have you tried lately?

Transform It: Coffee Table

I held my own at a garage sale with a pretty older woman that wanted the coffee table that I was resting my purse on. She actually thought my standing next to the table with my leg against and my purse on it was not enough of a claim.
The fun tug-o-war at garage sales had begun. (And this would turn out to be my first battle of the day).

She asked me the price. I told her and that I was getting it.

She waited until I picked it up before the recognition hit her eyes that the table was indeed mine.

At least she told me with a smile that I was getting a really great table.

The table was scuffed and had glass stains on the top as well as marker (?) on one of the legs. I did not notice the top had a checkerboard pattern until I got it home and began sanding it.

A bit of sanding, paint, and stain transformed this coffee table into a pretty piece. My daughter declared it was for a princess. (forgive the mess on the floor--I swept and forgot to pick it up!)

And fit for a bit of tea.
This coffee table will be heading to the shop for sale!

QUESTION: What have you transformed lately?