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 When I lost my domain and site at the end of May I was devastated. I had lost more than content and followers; I had lost all of the long hours it took to get to the point where I was with my site.

Thankfully, I had an email list.

I was able to contact my email list and let them know what was happening and reassure them that I was sticking around.

I received emails from concerned readers offering support when I normally offer up the encouragement and it made all the difference. Starting an email list gave me an ounce of movement that I was not really starting all over with a blog because I had a group of subscribers already.

When I read interviews from publishers and executives looking to the small business owner they do not ask about page views; they ask if you have an email list.

If you subscribe to blogs in your google reader or you bookmark your favorite sites then you know that the list can be very long and daunting to go through. It is easy to forget why you feel in love with a site in the first place and if you don't see it in the feed then you miss posts.

But when someone gives you their trust by clicking on that subscribe button they are saying they want more of what you have to offer. Your email readers are saying that they are willing to let you come into valuable real estate--their email inbox.

I received an email from a woman I have never been in contact in any way. She sent me an email after reading my newsletter that I had just sent out. This happens each week I send out a newsletter. The fact that my readers take the time to email me and share something still touches me deeply especially when they have not left comments on my blog.

An email list gives me a platform to connect with others that want to be encouraged and promoted for living their purpose.

Things to consider:
* How often will you send out updates? Don't spam or send them too often or too infrequently. If you send them out too often you run the risk of being deleted for seeming pushy. If you send them out too infrequently then you run the risk of the readers not remembering who you are.

* Have a point. What is the reason why we need to subscribe to your newsletter? My email newsletters are for encouraging tidbits, news, and promotion (not just for me but of others).

* Will you interact? I am on a list where we are asked to email our questions and comments. And they get answered. And he has over 20,000 subscribers. They may get answered in a blog post or in response that has been formatted to tackle that particular question but that is what I want--interaction. If you don't want people to email you asking you about the photo you used or what something means because you have answered it elsewhere or you think it is a silly question then do NOT start an email list. An email list is about personal interaction.

Starting an email list is easy. Have you signed up for mine? After you have confirmed your sign-up, you receive a welcome email with a link to download a FREE ebook on The Creative's Guide to living with purpose. After that you will receive updates 3-4 times per month and I like to promote my readers.

How to Build Your List

1. Pick a service provider. I use MailChimp but you can also use Aweber. Some people think they have to use Aweber because popular bloggers use it but if you are just starting out and want something easy to manage and free, go with mailchimp.

2. Create your opt-in form and page. Don't make it ugly. At least use the form the service providers provides for you.

3. Give something away for free. I offer an ebook. Some offer a tutorial or a coupon. With so many more starting email lists you need a carrot that makes your sign-up worth it.

QUESTION: Do you have an email list?


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Duni said...

Losing my blog would be a complete nightmare. I've been building my list for a while now, and I'm always pleasantly surprised to find new people have added their emails. Right now I'm sending out quarterly newsletters, but I probably should be sending out more!
Thanks for linking to my post in your newsletter :)

storybeader said...

that's great Erika. Thanks! I opened an account on mailchimp last night! And stayed up into the wee hours of the morning working on it. Good idea about the carrot - I didn't do that! {:-D

BeadedTail said...

Good tips Erika! I haven't done a newsletter yet but I probably should. I do enjoy receiving yours!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

This is one of those things that keeps getting put on the back burner! But you point out so many great reasons to start one. I like the idea of offering something when they sign up too :)

Linda Pruitt said...

I'm like Edi and Sharla, in that I have this in my mind but haven't done it yet. Good info, thanks!

Kathleen said...

Great points to remember! Thanks for the hints. Your newsletter is fun to receive!

Splendid Little Stars said...

No. But you are certainly making me think of starting one!