Goals for Summer 2013

I like to make goals. I also live by checklists and tend to have sticky notes and notebooks all over the place to cover my addiction to lists.

The lists can consume you but that is another post.

Back to goals. My husband and I created a few goals for 2013. I will share my goals for summer 2013.

*Clean out the craft room. Donate, sell, trash, get rid off. Enough is enough. If I have not used it then it has to go and disappear by the beginning of August end of July. I have already given away an embroidery machine (used 10 times in three/four years) and a sizzix bigshot with cartridges.

*Clean out the garage. Work on what needs to be sold in a local shop and remove the surplus. Most of what I have was given to me which for some reason makes it harder to get rid of than what I bought. That has to be some sort of sickness.

*Add a new product to my etsy shop. This means taking photos and creating the listings which I don't like to do but really? I think this can be managed.

*Continue to work on my weight loss. My five year old thinks that because I have gray hair it means I am about to go to heaven. Nothing like that kind of crying statement to make you realize that being overweight/fat is not healthy. I have lost 10 pounds. One of my doctors told me to get to a point where I was my healthiest and the weight can be easily maintained. Uhmmmm. Maybe another 10 pounds?

*Turn my money into investments. I looked back at what I made last year from my etsy shops and realized that most of that money was spent on more craft things (not related to the shops and which I am not getting rid of) and picking up junk food with the kids after school. I will be putting aside more money into savings so I can buy what I need to update the house and for a family vacation this fall.

*Continue to work with the women's ministry at church. It weighs so heavily on my heart that we don't see that many young women engaging in fellowship opportunities or giving back. It is so easy to just show up for a church service, leave, and then not make choices to be fully engaged in a faith FULL life. I will be facilitating a women's summer book club with a group of great women and pray that I stay out of the way and let God do His thing.

I could probably keep on going but don't want to be nitpicky. I have a lot to work on.

QUESTION: What are some of your goals for the summer?


Eyelah said...

I never used to make goals because I never saw the point but now that I am growing my business I find that goals are very very important for success. I made several goals in Jan for the upcoming 6 months and I think I've met them.

My goal for he summer is to increase my sales and increase my items. Also, I need to work on my design for the Fall/Holiday season. I've been doing good so I think I'll meet my goals for the summer.

Rose said...

As a young woman, I've had a hard time finding great ministry opportunities, especially ones that fit with my beliefs and interests and that have an active, young population. I also think that Catholics struggle to engage their parishioners in a way that other Christian denominations do not, but that's a whole separate topic.

BeadedTail said...

Great goals and I'm sure you'll meet them all! I've been trying to get healthy and hoping the weight naturally decreases and it's working some so I'm bumping up the intensity for it to happen quicker! I also want to continue writing the summer and soon be taking more photos with a new DSLR.

Memories for Life said...

My biggest goal for this summer is to work hard and play harder. I want to get out and enjoy the sun!

You make a great point about investing. I need to roll over my old retirement plans so I can set up an account I can add to again. Right now it's just sitting there.

Good luck with all your goals this summer :)

Abby / Linda said...

I really, REALLY need to make some goals!!! You remind me! Thanks a lot! :)

Natashalh said...

Great goals and congrats on the weight loss! My mom decided to shape up some time when I was in high school (so she was probably a decade older than you) and I know it was difficult for her. I know she's really happy with her continued efforts, though, and enjoys getting out and doing more.

My big project this summer is moving. My man and I want to move after he gets home from deployment, but picking a place to live on Oahu is hard. Things are either not so awesome to live in or have really, really bad traffic. Like, takes you an hour to get 2.5 miles bad traffic. We will probably have to choose between living somewhere we like and him spending at least two hours a day in the car, or living somewhere 'eh' that's more convenient.

Duni said...

Getting and staying healthy is always at the top of my list.
The summer book club you're facilitating sounds fascinating, and I'm sure you'll meet all the other goals on your list :)

p.s. I need to clean out my basement.

Erika said...

Eyelah, goal setting has really helped me with my shops. After reading Edi's goals on her blogs and how they worked for her, I knew I had to have a way of tracking what I do!

Erika said...

Sharla, I am so excited for you and your continued exercise!

Duni, my husband and I had a long talk last night about health. This is an important goal for me, too.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I'm with you on the craft and garage cleaning, plus making new products. I've been spending more time on the house lately and I haven't introduced any new Etsy items in a while. Oops!

Kathleen said...

Wonderful goals! I will be praying for your ministry - sounds really neat!